A state-of-the-art digital recording facility designed by Lawrence Swist in 2009. The facility boasts all digital microphones with no need for analog/digital/anaolg converters. This is an expensive approach to acheive superior audio clarity. The noise floor is lower than that of most high end studio. The construction througout is of the highest possible audio quality. The floor is floating, the walls and double doors have have air-gap separations, the acoustic panels are moveable to acheive desired audio signatures. Quadratic residue diffuser, bass trap, stealth soffits, floating ceiling and more. The audio equipment, i.e. microphones, electronics (including built-in electronics) large displays, musical instruments, furniture, computer(s) are available for purchase they are not included in the advertised price. 

                 The interior build-out remains. The owner will consider selling the equipment at an additional cost. This building could be adapted to various kinds of art studios or office work for an in-home business.   additional information at www.EclecticLadyLandRecording.com